Social, Empathic, and Embodied VR Lab at Goldsmiths, University of London

Virtual Reality gives users the illusion to be somewhere else, socially engaged with others, and even sometimes inside the body of someone else. This is useful for applications in: training, education, psychotherapy, and entertainment. VR is also in particular relevant for social neuroscience/psychology research as it can be used in experimental studies with improved ecological validity and experimental control.

The SEE VR Lab is a team of researchers who have both the technical skillset and the strong interest in human-centred VR research questions. We create and evaluate innovative social, empathic, and embodied VR experiences, and conduct cutting-edge research in AI, machine learning, creativity, social neuroscience.

If you are looking for opportunities to get into VR, we offer an MA/MSc in Virtual and Augmented Reality degree at Goldsmiths. We also have a VR Specialisation on Coursera with more than 100k registered learners.

Medical Doctor Communication Training

Medical consultation can often be stressful for the doctors. Even experienced medical doctors could make decisions they later on regret. We ran a series of studies using virtual characters to train medical doctors to deal with difficult situations, so they can make all the mistakes with virtual patients and do better with the real ones. More info see our publications: antibiotics prescription and child safeguarding.

Interactive machine for Immersive Interaction

An EPSRC funded project that aims to enable independent developers and artists to design and implement movement-based interaction for immersive media such as Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality. More info see project page:

AI-driven Character for Immersive Gaming

An InnovateUK funded project looking at using Immersive Machine Learning for making more engaging VR games. In collaboration with two leading UK indie game studios: Maze Theory and DRi. More info see our workshop and this news article.

UK-China Immersive Collaboration

UK and China are both world-leading countries in immersive technology. We are running an AHRC funded research project on building partnership in the creative industry between two countries, through a range of workshops, exhibitions, summer schools.